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Let's face it....homeowners get more respect and and more benefits too! Wouldn't it be great to be a homeowner? Your own place, secure future, tax benefits-Freedom...your own slice of the American Dream! For most people in today's economy this is some distant far off wish. Credit issues from the past and lack of down payment stamp out the dream.


With the right income, commitment and focus from you, the impossible becomes possible. 


Carolina Group Properties is commited to the American Dream of homeownership for everyone who wants it. Don't wait for your future, create it!



Lease Purchase

Goldsboro, NC 4/2.5, 1468 SF


When the bank says no, we say yes.

Lock in today's sale pricing, let your credit heal, purchase in the future. 


It's the best way to recover from the economic downturn with no bank needed.


877-790-6047 (24 hr rec msg) or



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