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What our Customers are Saying

At Carolina Group Properties, our utlimate goal is customer satisfaction. We are fully committed to providing the best possible services for our customers. See what Carolina Group residents have to say about our services.


"Its very hard to find great customer services, I would recommend Carolina Group to my friends and family."

Tenant, 3 years


"I can't believe they really let me Owner Finance my home, my credit was not great, but my house is."

Homeowner, 5 years


"Your staff was polite and patient. She must showed me 3 houses in one day. I know she was exhausted, but I'm glad she helped me."

Tenant, 6 months


"I told them my current financial status and they told me to relax, renting a home shouldnt be stressful."

Tenant, 2 years


"Carolina Group let me choose a house, put some money down and held the property for me until I had the rest of my money."

Rent to Own, 2 years


"I was new to the area, Carolina Group took time from her busy day to give me a tour of the nearby school, local eateries and Downtown Elizabeth City. She really didn't have to do that."

Tenant, 1 year

When You Need Us:

Carolina Group Properties, LLC

PO BOX 2071

Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27906


Phone: 252-338-1280

Monday - Friday

10 AM - 5 PM

Our Mission

Carolina Group Properties, LLC, believes you deserve nothing short of the best service. 


Our Mission is to Transform Lives through Affordable Housing to Empower Families and Individuals to Enjoy the American Dream of Homeowner ship.


Our Mission is to serve our customers be creating and delivering a quality service, which is unique and valuable.


Our Mission is to listen to customers who represent the marketplace.


Our Mission is to provide outstanding value for money, to design and deliver that service as effieciently and effectively as possible.


Our service, quality, reliabilty, responsibilty, responsiveness, follow-up, integrity and attention to detail all play apart in delivering our Mission.

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